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About New Leaf Landscaping

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Our Beginning

Driven by beauty
Located in Northbrook, Illinois, New Leaf Landscaping was founded in 2001 by Aris Khodaverdain. Our company is driven by a passion for creating landscape design that complements the form and function of residential and corporate settings. And the quality of our work is driven by our personal commitment to creating comfortable, beautiful spaces people will enjoy for years to come.

A matter of trust
When you hire New Leaf Landscaping, you’re entrusting us with the privilege of working in your personal living space. That’s why our team consists of well-reputed people who work for us year-round: from landscaping and design in spring and summer to regular snow removal during winter. When we need to hire specialists for select projects, we stick with the process of hiring people we already know.

Our Mission

Elevating life experiences through magnificent outdoor environments
No matter where people live, work or play, they appreciate the look of a well-groomed lawn or dynamically designed outdoor space. Aris Khodaverdain understood that when he first started working outside, learning about the plants and ornamentals that prospered in the landscape around him, and following his instinct for great design.

The result is New Leaf Landscaping and its mission to elevate life experiences through magnificent outdoor environment. We combine personal passion with professional insights, treating customers like neighbors and helping them discover new pleasures of home in their own back yards.