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Chicago North Shore Landscape Maintenance


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Maintenance Services: it’s all in the details.
Maintenance is more than a paid service; it’s a guarantee you won’t have to worry about little details and ongoing tasks. For homeowners, it’s an investment in the freedom to do other things with your time. And for business owners, it’s an investment in your brand image.

Quality Care for Lush Results
New Leaf Landscaping provides mowing for residential and commercial properties as well as turf edging and renovation services, plant bed and flower care, and root pruning. We also happily handle the hassles of bigger projects like spring and fall cleanup; winter preparation; insect and disease control; plus expert pruning of trees, shrubs and ground cover.

The Golden Rule of Maintenance Services
Above all, we respect your property like our own. The maintenance work we do for you makes a first impression on countless people; it can also leave a lasting impression. That’s why we don’t take shortcuts for our own convenience, we don’t cut corners to save time, and we provide your services with minimal intrusion and maximum convenience. If we’re not doing that, we’re not doing our best for you.

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